Looking back: highlighting PLF cases in 2014

Jim Burling, director of litigation for Pacific Legal Foundation, speaks to PLF staff lawyers about cases the organization has tackled in the past and current cases. 

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PLF is representing the First Free Will Church of Bakersfield in challenging the billions of dollars in “High Speed Rail” bonds that California officials propose to sell.   State officials don’t want to demonstrate that the plan they propose to fund with these bonds is the same project that voters approved.

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Managing attorney Mark Miller, and attorney and College of Public Interest Law fellow Christina Martin, of PLF’s Atlantic Center, discuss a new lawsuit that challenges the listing of the manatee as “endangered” under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, even though federal officials’ own scientific findings say that the species, found in the warm waters of Florida and elsewhere on the Atlantic Coast, should be “downlisted” to “threatened.”  Miller and Martin say improving numbers of manatees should be celebrated, and the Fish and Wildlife Service should abide by its 2007 data and the rule of law by downlisting the manatee.

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Facing a three-judge panel at the DC Circuit Court of Appeals on May 8, 2014, Pacific Legal Foundation principal attorney Timothy Sandefur argued PLF’s challenge to the Affordable Care Act, Sissel v. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. 

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Pacific Legal Foundation’s new DC Center is under the direction of Todd Gaziano, who joined PLF after a distinguished 17-year career at The Heritage Foundation.  Todd joins podcast host, Bob Krauter, for a discussion about the new DC Center and Todd’s in-depth experience in legal and policy issues in the nation’s capital.

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