In the case McLean v. City of Alexandria, PLF is challenging the constitutionality of a city ordinance in Alexandria, Virginia, that forbids “for sale” signs in cars parked on the street, by making it illegal to park on a public street for the purpose of advertising your car. The First Amendment protects everyone’s right to express themselves, and that includes the freedom to advertise.

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PLF’s challenge to California’s “cap and trade” auction moves to the state court of appeal.    The requirement for businesses to bid for carbon “credits” in order to keep their doors open amounts to a massive new tax program.   It’s unconstitutional because it was enacted without 2/3 majorities in the Legislature, as Proposition 13 requires for new taxes.

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Key members of Congress and a coalition of states file briefs in support of PLF’s “Origination Clause” lawsuit.

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A federal court heard PLF’s constitutional arguments against San Francisco’s ransom demand on landlords who want to remove their units from the rental market.

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PLF is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to affirm that property rights are among the fundamental rights protected by the the Constitution’s guarantee of due process of law.   The Eleventh Circuit held they are not – contradicting precedents from the High Court and other circuits.  The case arises from a Sanibel, Florida ban on new docks – but the issues are important for property owners everywhere.

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Principal attorney Damien Schiff discusses PLF’s cert petition requesting the Supreme Court to overturn the Ninth Circuit’s decision upholding the water cutbacks imposed on California’s San Joaquin Valley on account of the Delta smelt.

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