In the early weeks of the New Year, the Supreme Court will be deciding whether to accept some blockbuster PLF appeals.   These high-profile cases involve many of PLF's key areas of specialty: property rights, environmental law, free enterprise, and individual rights.

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PLF President Rob Rivett joins Chief Financial Officer, Kim DeVincenzi, and Chief Development Officer, Bob Dean, and host, Bob Krauter, for a discussion about the importance of individual donors to Pacific Legal Foundation’s pro-freedom mission in the nation’s courts.  As December 31 looms, the deadline for making a 2014 charitable donation,  topics include gifts of cash, appreciated stock, recurring gifts, and gifts from the recently approved extension to the IRA Charitable Rollover.

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PLF Principal Attorney Paul J. Beard II joins host, Bob Krauter, to discuss new developments in two high-profile challenges to the California Coastal Commission’s bullying of property owners.  He highlights a victory for three sisters who sought a permit for repairs to a farmhouse and barn, and gives details of another lawsuit that will be heard at the California Supreme Court, involving two home owners in Encinitas who are battling the Commission for the right to use a seawall to protect their property.

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Federal Clean Water Act regulators are pushing a massive expansion of their power over land use, by proposing to define “the waters of the United States” as practically any place that is ever wet.  PLF has filed comments in opposition – and is warning of a legal challenge if the scheme goes ahead.

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PLF Chief Development Officer Bob Dean joins host, Bob Krauter, for a discussion about the many ways Americans can support Pacific Legal Foundation’s pro-freedom mission in the courts to safeguard our constitutional rights and liberties.  The discussion includes making gifts of cash, online giving, appreciated stock, real estate, charitable gift annuities, gifts from donor advised funds, and gifts from an IRA.

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