Summary of major PLF cases in 2015 for economic liberty, free speech, and property rights

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PLF is representing parents and schools in challenging a Department of Revenue rule that prevents parents from using privately funding scholarship to send their children to religious schools.

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The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear a PLF case in which PLF argues that property owners should have a right to judicial review when federal regulators label their land as “wetlands” subject to federal oversight.

The court granted the government’s petition for certiorari in Hawkes Co., et al. v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, a case in which PLF was victorious at the court of appeals.  PLF, which has long litigated to establish judicial review of wetlands designations, supported the Hawkes petition, which opens the prospect of winning a Supreme Court ruling for that principle. Our Courting Liberty podcast features a discussion of this major development in the Hawkes case with PLF Principal Attorney Damien Schiff; Mark Miller, managing attorney of PLF’s Atlantic Center; and host, Harold Johnson, PLF’s media director. The Hawkes case is the 9th direct representation case that PLF attorneys have successfully petitioned the High Court to review.

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Agency blocked a couple from rebuilding a home on their vacant parcel – in a residential area, where a house previously stood for 30 years before the Angora fire.

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PLF is supporting Abigail Fisher’s challenge to race-based admissions criteria at the University of Texas-Austin.   The case is before the U.S. Supreme Court for a second time, and a ruling for Fisher could force universities across the country to finally stop the demeaning and unconstitutional practice of color-coding students.

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Join PLF President and CEO, Rob Rivett, and PLF's Chief Development Officer, Bob Dean, in this discussion of the options people have to support PLF's pro-freedom mission in the nation's courts.   Hosted by Bob Krauter, the discussion covers the gamut of year-end giving opportunities, including donations on #GivingTuesday, December 1 and Cyber Monday as donors can purchase eligible merchandise at and donate proceeds to PLF.  As a nonprofit, tax exempt foundation under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code, PLF operates its litigation program on the strength of charitable donations.

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PLF is suing Palo Alto for denying a family-owned mobile home park the right to go out of business, unless the owners pay millions of dollars to their tenants.

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PLF attorneys are opposing a proposed rule by the Montana Department of Revenue to ban religious-based schools and their students from participating in Montana’s new Scholarship Tax Credit program.  In testimony before a recent hearing on the department’s proposal, PLF Attorney Wen Fa argued that the proposed regulation violates the program’s intended purpose of expanding educational choices and opportunities for Montana families and school-aged children; and that it violates the Constitution’s guarantees of religious freedom and equal protection of the laws.   Enacted by the Montana Legislature this year, and due to take effect at the beginning of 2016, the Scholarship Tax Credit program is intended to encourage educational choice, by allowing individuals and businesses to donate to non-government, nonprofit scholarship organizations in return for a corresponding income tax credit.  The scholarship organizations, in turn, provide tuition scholarships to help students attend a public or private school of their choice. In our podcast, Fa and PLF Principal Attorney Joshua Thompson discuss the state’s assault on school choice and religious freedom, which will be challenged in court by PLF if the rule is not withdrawn.

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PLF is opposing a radical ESA suit that would brand innocent people as environmental criminals, for accidental harms to federally listed species.

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PLF has asked the Supreme Court to hear our constitutional challenge to Obamacare, based on its violation of Article 1, Section 7, the “Origination Clause.”  That provision is designed to protect against oppressive taxation by requiring all “revenue-raising bills” to start in the House, the chamber closest to the people.  Our client, Matt Sissel, joins PLF Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur in a discussion of the issues.

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