PLF is representing Wyoming farmers, among others, in opposing a drive to get the North American Wolverine added – unjustifiably – to the Endangered Species Act list.

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Nevada forces entrepreneurs in the transportation industry to ask their competitors for permission before starting or expanding a business.  PLF is challenging this Competitor’s Veto procedure on behalf of small business owners Ron and Danell Perlman, who operate a limousine company in Reno, NV, and father and son moving team Steven and Patrick Saxon, who are based in Sacramento, CA.

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A state appellate court has struck down onerous new regulations on recreational freshwater fishing because California state bureaucrats drafted them without allowing public review and comment.   The ruling came in PLF’s legal challenge to the regulations on behalf of the California Association for Recreational Fishing.

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PLF Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur, and PLF client and entrepreneur, Tracie Pabst, discuss a new challenge to Montana’s Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity provision for taxi companies. Pabst, an experienced owner of a shuttle company that operates in Texas and New Mexico, seeks to start a taxi business in her hometown of Big Sky, but the state’s law contains a “competitors’ veto” provision making it unlikely that she could obtain a license.  Under the law, Pabst must prove there’s a public need for her taxi service, but then she can have an established competitor object or “veto” her application.

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