Pressed by a PLF lawsuit, the Alexandria City Council has repealed a decades-old law that prohibited “For Sale” signs in vehicles parked on public streets.  Without discussion, and by unanimous vote, the Council struck down the ordinance that attracted a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of PLF client, Scott McLean, who was ticketed and fined for placing a “For Sale” sign in his vehicle.  Host Bob Krauter discusses the favorable outcome with PLF Attorney Christina Martin of our Atlantic Center, and with Scott McLean.

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PLF is challenging federal rules that have severely restricted human access to Plumas National Forest in northern California.  Our clients include two counties, two major recreation associations, and individuals – including a disabled person whose long-time access has now been taken away.

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Mark Miller, managing attorney for PLF’s Atlantic Center, offers his analysis of the Supreme Court ruling in Yates v. United States, a favorable decision for Florida commercial fisherman, John Yates, ending his eight-year battle with the federal government about some undersized fish in his catch.  PLF filed an amicus brief in support of Yates in a case of the federal government misusing its law enforcement authority to threaten Americans with exorbitant penalties for conduct that does not pose a threat to health, safety, or the environment.  Federal authorities charged Yates with violating several federal criminal laws, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, a law that was passed in the wake of the Enron scandal on Wall Street.

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Pacific Legal Foundation Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur discusses the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. FTC, an antitrust lawsuit in which the Federal Trade Commission sued a state agency that regulates the practice of the dental industry. The Board claimed that it was immune from antitrust laws, and could therefore prohibit people from practicing the harmless trade of teeth whitening without a license, without having to answer to federal laws that forbid restrictions on economic competition.  Tim joins host, Bob Krauter, in a discussion about the importance of the ruling to free competition.

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