PLF attorneys discuss petitions currently before the Supreme Court, including petitions dealing with wetlands, mandatory affordable housing, and the forced merger of parcels for the purpose of avoiding compensating landowners.

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As friend of the court, PLF is supporting a victim of an outrageous scheme in the District of Columbia, where residents who owed small tax bills saw their homes sold – with the city pocketing the proceeds.

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PLF and the California Building Industry Association have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review San Jose’s “inclusionary housing” law.  It punishes providers of new homes – and violates the Constitution’s ban on takings – by forcing homebuilders to set aside units for below-market sale to city-designated buyers.



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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is exceeding its manatee regulatory powers by proposing to limit boat speeds in a pair of popular Pinellas County basins with few or no manatees — indeed, where the commission’s own staff recommended against regulations because of the infrequency of manatee sightings.  In this podcast, PLF Attorney Christina M. Martin and PLF client, Bill Thomas, discuss an administrative challenge that has been filed against the Commission’s proposal.

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PLF attorneys are challenging the unjustified Endangered Species Act listings of the Stephens’ kangaroo rat in Southern California, and the Southwestern Willow flycatcher throughout multiple western states.

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Wyoming farmer Andy Johnson built a stock pond with state approval.  EPA is threatening him with astronomical fines (nearly $40,000 per day!) if he doesn’t remove it – even though it benefits the environment, and even though EPA has no jurisdiction over livestock ponds.
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