PLF has asked the Supreme Court to hear our constitutional challenge to Obamacare, based on its violation of Article 1, Section 7, the “Origination Clause.”  That provision is designed to protect against oppressive taxation by requiring all “revenue-raising bills” to start in the House, the chamber closest to the people.  Our client, Matt Sissel, joins PLF Principal Attorney Timothy Sandefur in a discussion of the issues.

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PLF’s College of Public Interest Law (CPIL) welcomes its Class of 2015 --- Julio Colomba, Ray Nhan, and Caleb Trotter.  In this podcast, hosted by Bob Krauter, these recent law school graduates discuss their background, their interest in constitutional law, and what they’re learning in the first few weeks as CPIL fellows.  

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A family-owned puppy business turned to PLF after the City of East Providence, Rhode Island, passed a law banning pet stores – and didn’t pay them a penny in compensation.

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In continuation of last week, this week's podcast comes from PLF's DC Center with Todd Gaziano and Shauneen Werlinger adding their insights to more of the cases currently before the Supreme Court. They tackle Fisher v. University of Texas, Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association and a special update on Sissel v. U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services by Timothy Sandefur, PLF principal attorney who was in Washington, D.C. testifying on Capitol Hill.


Don't miss these exciting cases including an update on Kent Recycling v United States and Hawkes v. United States.

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