Representing a married couple who want to start a moving business, PLF is challenging Pennsylvania’s law that allows existing movers to “veto” new start-ups.  Our lawsuit says the constitutional right to earn a living is on the line.

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PLF attorneys discuss recent victories over laws that give established businesses a veto over new competitors from entering their markets.

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Reed Hopper, a PLF principal attorney and head of the organization’s environmental litigation team, discusses the EPA’s and Army Corps of Engineers’ proposed “Waters of the United States” (WOTUS) rule that vastly expands federal control over water bodies in the nation.  Joining Reed is Todd Gaziano, executive director of PLF’s DC Center and a senior fellow in constitutional law.  Reed recently appeared on a panel at The Heritage Foundation, an event co-sponsored by PLF, to separate the facts from fiction about the controversial rule. He spoke on the panel moderated by Heritage’s Daren Bakst that included Don Parrish of the American Farm Bureau.

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PLF attorney Tony Francois discusses how government water management agencies are prioritizing wildlife values over the needs of human communities as California enters its fourth year of severe drought

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Because of a new circuit split, PLF has submitted a petition for rehearing in the Kent Recycling case.  PLF is asking the justices to rule on landowners’ access to the courts when their property is labeled “wetlands.”
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PLF Principal Attorney Joshua Thompson describes how the California Supreme Court has blocked a major school district from shortchanging charter schools in resources and facilities.

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Host Bob Krauter discusses key developments in two coastal land rights cases, one of which resulted in a favorable settlement for a former PLF client.  PLF Principal Attorney J. David Breemer and PLF Staff Attorney Jennifer Thompson analyze the settlement for Nags Head property owner, Roc Sansotta, who waged a five-year battle to prevent his beachfront property from being seized without compensation.  We also discuss the recent opening brief filed in another North Carolina takings case that involves a retired couple, Greg and Diane Nies, and the Town of Emerald Isle.  The property owners are fighting the town’s unconstitutional imposition of a 20-foot-wide government “expressway” on their private, sandy beach property.

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In oral argument on April 8 before the California Supreme Court, PLF is challenging a city “affordable housing” law that imposes a stiff financial penalty on the providers – and purchasers – of new homes.

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Pressed by a PLF lawsuit, the Alexandria City Council has repealed a decades-old law that prohibited “For Sale” signs in vehicles parked on public streets.  Without discussion, and by unanimous vote, the Council struck down the ordinance that attracted a civil rights lawsuit on behalf of PLF client, Scott McLean, who was ticketed and fined for placing a “For Sale” sign in his vehicle.  Host Bob Krauter discusses the favorable outcome with PLF Attorney Christina Martin of our Atlantic Center, and with Scott McLean.

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PLF is challenging federal rules that have severely restricted human access to Plumas National Forest in northern California.  Our clients include two counties, two major recreation associations, and individuals – including a disabled person whose long-time access has now been taken away.

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