San Ramon's “community facilities” district won’t create any new “facilities.”  It’s merely a new tax on landowners to help with the city’s pension payments.  It also happens to violate the Mello Roos Act and Proposition 218.

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In the midst of California’s severe drought, the Ninth Circuit recently approved harsh ESA regulations that withhold water from millions of people for the speculative benefit of a tiny, declining fish species (the delta smelt).   This case could eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court – where there needs to be a re-think of precedents that mandate protection of ESA-listed animals and plants at “whatever the cost” to the human species.

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PLF fights to defend taxpayers from being run over by the California High Speed Rail project

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Mark is the new managing attorney of Pacific Legal Foundation’s Atlantic Center, in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  He sits down with PLF’s Bob Krauter to discuss his legal background and his plans for litigation in the Sunshine State.

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PLF chief financial officer, Kim DeVincenzi, and chief development officer, Bob Dean, discuss some of the one-of-a-kind items going up for bid at PLF’s silent auction on Saturday, April 26, at the Sofitel San Francisco Bay.

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PLF attorney Anastasia Boden joins client, Troy Castillo, a private investigator based in Palm Springs, for a discussion about a new lawsuit that targets Nevada’s 2013 law that prohibits PIs who do not have a “brick and mortar” office in the Silver State.

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ESA policies put fish before people, sending precious water away from farms and cities, straight out to sea.

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PLF defeats Kentucky’s cartel scheme for the moving business.  Principal attornet Timothy Sandefur and client Wally Bruner talks about the victory.

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In the Hobby Lobby case, PLF's amicus brief argues that corporations, as collections of individuals, have First Amendment freedoms, and the right to defend them in court

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PLF principal attorney Brian Hodges joins client and property owner, Maureen Richter, in discussing her case which has been appealed to the Supreme Court.  She argues the City of Des Moines’ land use permit review process is unfair and biased.

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